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  • adj. Not cremated.


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un- +‎ cremated


  • The turtles were supposed to eat the uncremated body parts, but they all disappeared shortly after being released.


  • And what was his reaction to the 285 uncremated bodies found in sheds, pits, caskets and underbrush near that nonworking crematory in Noble, Georgia?

    CNN Transcript Feb 25, 2002

  • They'd really packed them in, back when, Forvalaka for sure, then, because Beryl buries its villains uncremated.

    The Black Company

  • In Beryl only criminals are buried uncremated, or not buried al all.

    The Black Company

  • There was no worse threat for a J/taal than being held in this life endlessly by an uncremated body.

    Dancer's Luck

  • He had managed, with a heroic effort, to hold down the mounting pressure of his hilarity; but "sweet mother" (in the Savage's tremulous tone of anguish) and the reference to Tybalt lying dead, but evidently uncremated and wasting his phosphorus on a dim monument, were too much for him.

    Brave New World

  • But the uncremated Mrs. James now re-enters in widow's cap.

    Possession A Peep-Show in Paradise

  • He is lauded in the Vedic hymns as the explorer of "the path" or "way" to the "Land of the Pitris" (Fathers), the Paradise to which the Indian uncremated dead walked on foot.

    Myths of Babylonia and Assyria

  • In late Mycenæan graves at Salamis evidences of cremation are found, and at Mouliana, in Crete, there are instances of uncremated bones being found along with bronze swords on one side of a tomb, while on the other were found an iron sword and cremated bones in a cinerary urn.

    The Sea-Kings of Crete

  • It was discovered in a cist in the cairn lying at the right side of the skull of an uncremated body, and in the same place was a small band of gold which appears to have been half of a band of that metal which was probably round the handle of the dagger (fig. 55).

    The Bronze Age in Ireland


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