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  • v. To return something which has been crumpled, closer to its original state.
  • v. Having been crumpled, to return closer to one's original state.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ crumple


  • He personally conducted the tour of the F&D facilities, leading them through the various labs and showing them a number of “wow” demonstrations that had been set up: a polymer that could be deformed – bent, crumpled, folded – and yet would “remember” its original shape and slowly unfold, uncrumple, unbend itself to become almost flat again in a matter of minutes.


  • As an alternate method, if you choose a very thin paper, such as typing paper, you can actually press the entire sheet of paper down into the salad spinner for your spin art, and then lay the paper flat to dry and uncrumple.

    Salad Spinner Spin Art Tutorial

  • We uncrumple a holiday flier from the Hinson Memorial Baptist Church, which contains a handwritten note: Mark.

    Boing Boing: December 22, 2002 - December 28, 2002 Archives

  • It was early spring, the first rathe-primroses were showing their milk-fair faces on the cliff, and the light-green leaves were beginning to uncrumple on the wind-wilted elders, when John-James appeared on a mission of his own at the Vicarage.

    Secret Bread

  • Yes, yes, those snowballs on the floor were quite good enough, let him pick them up and uncrumple them and pin them back in their places ready for the typewriter.

    In the Mist of the Mountains

  • Chet, you see, had plumb crumpled the first time he ever set eyes on her, and he's never been able to uncrumple.

    Somewhere in Red Gap

  • There are stories about how in the early days of his design business he would go through the waste paper baskets after everybody had gone home, and if he found a piece of paper that hadn't been drawn on on both sides he would uncrumple it and leave it on the desk to be used the next day. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • (Note: Do not eat eggs colored with acrylic paint - these ones are just for show.) • Aluminum foil: Crumple and uncrumple a sheet of aluminum foil. - Local-news

  • Roissy, I felt my innards crumple then uncrumple again with recognition.

    Roissy in DC

  • Instead of making believe I’m a professional basketball player and using Hillary’s note to sink a basket with three seconds left on the clock, I uncrumple the purple ball.



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