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  • adj. Not crushed.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ crushed


  • Generally speaking, the fact that a considerable volume of the concrete is composed of what, we will call uncrushed stone, means a saving in the stone constituent of one structure amounting to what it would have cost to break up and screen this volume of uncrushed stone, but there are exceptions.

    Concrete Construction Methods and Costs

  • …The bone tasted of nothing and smelled of nothing, A scalded toothless harp, uncrushed, unstrung.

    Robert Pinsky's Poetry Strikes a Chord

  • You can read the flowers as a metaphor for France or the French spirit uncrushed by the war.

    2009 August « One-Minute Book Reviews

  • Nobody puts a “III” in their name and goes uncrushed.

    Episode 009

  • That is typical of Bent, uncrushed by disappointment, enthusiastic even in adversity, and not at all ready to give up on his England dream.

    Darren Bent: Missing out on World Cup squad hurt like hell

  • I take a break for a moment, popping an uncrushed bead into my mouth.

    Applied Pressure

  • My Apple iPad is uncrushed, undamaged, and works great on my bicycle.

    The Indignity of Commuting by Bicycle: Being On the Lookout

  • Stupid reality making my crushed dreams uncrushed.


  • When my next visit to the food bank was a week away and the only food in the dumpster was one uncrushed bread loaf and some slimy celery and I had to spend 35 cents of my last dollar on a package of ramen noodles, the same noodles that had been my staple for two weeks and were making me ill, I cried about it.

    Depression-Era Dumpster Food

  • He looked over at the wrecked and rusted chain link forming the west corner of the yard, where a bramble mountain concealed a heap of uncrushed car bodies and refrigerator doors.

    The Safe


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