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  • v. To remove cuffs from (someone)


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  • “Yo, uncuff that bitch,” the nigga wearing red shorts says to Calm One.

    Deep Throat Diva

  • The arresting officer was ordered to uncuff Papa and void the arrest.

    Dancing with the Devil

  • As Carissa watched with her teeth clenched, her persuasive husband apparently convinced the officers to uncuff the man.

    Under a Maui Moon

  • Suburban Detroit police had to uncuff a wife whose husband had shackled her to the bedpost, then lost the handcuff key.

    Phil Bronstein: The News Industry Won't Die -- Bad Judgment Is Great for Business

  • Pet Peeve #2: Short people trying on jeans and cuffing them and then leaving them cuffed for me to have to uncuff to put away.

    Mondo Blog Update

  • "This bill will uncuff the police and allow them to assist in the battle against illegal immigration," said Rep. John Kavanagh, R - Fountain Hills. Main RSS Feed

  • I'm used to cuffing my right pant leg - and I'm so lazy or inattentive I usually forget to uncuff it when I reach my destination, so I walk around drawing quizzical looks that I decipher to mean the quizzical-looker figures I must think I'm still in the '80s, when people actually cuffed their pant legs on purpose. stories: News

  • While Jack was transporting his prisoner Nina on a plane, the aircraft was downed by a missile attack and Jack had to uncuff his sworn enemy so that they could fight together to repel the Coral Snake Soldiers.

    All - Digital Spy - Entertainment and Media News

  • They pull up to the side, and Renee is forced to uncuff Tony.


  • Bennett - superintendent of the Greater Clark County Schools district in southern Indiana - plans to review all the state's education regulations and see if he can "uncuff the hands of our administrators" by eliminating some of them.

    South Bend Tribune Top Stories RSS Feed


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