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  • adj. Not culturable.


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un- +‎ culturable


  • A DNA-based technique allows determination of the upper limit for variation of microbial diversity in the Arctic as compared with other natural ecosystems, that is, how many species (both cultured and unculturable) soils contain.

    Implications of current species distributions for future biotic change in the Arctic

  • In the south there is much hard sour clay, part hitherto unculturable.

    The Panjab, North-West Frontier Province, and Kashmir

  • Over 99\% of microbial species are thought to be unculturable, and therefore, unavailable to be studied by classical methods, suggesting that new approaches will unveil new species.

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  • Metagenomics, fueled by next-generation sequencing platforms, promises to shed light even on these unculturable species and to reveal the abundance of bacterial inhabitants on Earth in their true diversity.

    GEN News Highlights

  • ; Cohn, D.H.: Luciferase genes cloned from the unculturable luminous bacteroid symbiont of the Caribbean flashlight fish, Kryptopha - naron alfredi.

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  • Fallow and unculturable land in the state is classified into four categories - fallow, culturable wasteland, permanent pasture and other grazing land, barren and unculturable.

    The Financial Express

  • Slide 23:  Unculturables ◦ Dormant not dead  May require molecules from neighbouring bacteria strains ◦ Spotted E. coli on plate with unculturables  new strain pops up around E. coli ◦ Fount mutant (sideophore) that shut down growth ◦ Isolated protein caused unculturable strain to grow  "Dormancy is the default mode of bacterial life."

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  • "unculturable organisms" because of its international classification as an endangered species prohibits invasive examination.

    ANC Daily News Briefing


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