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  • adj. Physics Not tending toward a state of rest; not damped. Used of oscillations.
  • adj. Not stifled or discouraged; unchecked: undamped ardor.

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  • adj. of which the amplitude does not change over time


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  • This discovery was of importance, as it was found that the waves so generated were undamped, that is, capable of proceeding to their destination without loss of amplitude.

    The Story of Electricity

  • Paul gave a more polished version of his stump speech, greeted with thoughtful applause undamped by Paul's signature mix of optimism and gloom.

    South Carolina primary – CNN debate fallout

  • He wore the customary expression of a man doing battle with a mortal enemy, common to all men adjusting their neckwear, but he undamped his lips to grin at me.

    Sick Cycle Carousel

  • She watched impassively while he undamped me, and I took a few staggering and damned painful steps, catching at that hellish wheel for support.


  • Andhoven and they decided to carry out experiments in autumn and send telegraphic signals in the form of undamped waves every 20

    Posthuman Blues

  • His gaiety was undamped, his generosity unchilled; and though the space which had intervened between our parting and reunion was but brief, yet at the period of life at which we were, even a shorter interval than that of three years has frequently served to form or DEform a character.

    The Purcell Papers

  • The tunability and the possibility to produce relatively undamped outgoing oscillations greatly increased the transmission range, and in 1901 Marconi succeeded in establishing radio connection across the Atlantic.

    The Nobel Prizes in Physics 1901-2000

  • As sections of the quilt were stitched, the women undamped and rolled the quilt on the frame, making it smaller.

    Quilts Are Forever

  • Climbing onto the seat beside the frontiersman, I had found him in freshly restored spirits, his buoyant mood undamped by die cold and constant drizzle that fell from the overhanging clouds.


  • Eldiren turned back toward the city as the rain began to fall steadily, watching the flames rise in the wind, seemingly undamped.

    The Order War


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