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  • adj. Not darned.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ darned


  • The cloth, Lewisham observed, as he turned towards it, had several undarned holes and discoloured places, and in the centre stood a tarnished cruet which contained mustard, pepper, vinegar, and three ambiguous dried-up bottles.

    Love and Mr Lewisham

  • Or was he making some sort of undarned social protest of deeper significance?

    No Uncertain Terms

  • Her sewing basket had a mountain of socks in it still undarned, her knitting needles held yet another sock, and there was Hughie growing out of his sweaters and Jack not ready to hand his down.

    The Thorn Birds

  • Tommy and Minnie stood by watching her intently; Mrs. Daintree sat at a little distance, her lap full of undarned socks, and rated her.

    Vera Nevill Or, Poor Wisdom's Chance

  • "I am only speaking for your good, Vera; what other object could I have?" she was saying, as she dived into the huge basket of undarned socks on the floor before her, and extracted thereout a ragged specimen to be operated upon.

    Vera Nevill Or, Poor Wisdom's Chance

  • There's a smoking jacket, two pairs of golf-trousers, several pairs of mismated gloves, a wonderful lot of undarned stockings, bonnets and underclothes to burn, two jackets and

    Hepsey Burke

  • Margaret looked at him as if he were an accusing spirit, -- coming down, as every woman must, from heights of self-renunciation or bold resolve, to an undarned stocking or an uncooked meal.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 08, No. 48, October, 1861

  • When Lucy reached home she found her aunt in the sitting room bending disapprovingly over the basket of undarned stockings.

    The Wall Between

  • Father comes home, tired, weary, footsore, toe-nails ingrowing, caused by undarned stockings, and finds the fire out, house cold and empty, save for his half-dozen children, all crying.

    In Times Like These

  • She put on her best underclothes, her one remaining pair of undarned stockings, the pair of ties she had been saving against an emergency.

    Susan Lenox: Her Fall and Rise, Volume II


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