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  • adj. Not debased.


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un- +‎ debased


  • Humes, and the whole nest of 'popular' infidels, to make manifest how precious a thing is the sincere thirst of truth for the sake of truth undebased by vanity, appetite, and the ambition of forming a sect of

    The Life of Samuel Taylor Coleridge 1838

  • For we are all undebased by slavery; and there is no land behind us, nor does even the sea afford a refuge, whilst the Roman fleet hovers around.

    The Germany and the Agricola of Tacitus

  • His pride, if we must call it so, undebased by the least tincture of mere vanity, was intertwined with

    MacMillan's Reading Books Book V

  • Dancing, which is not only rhythmic movement, pure and simple, undebased with any element of utility, but is capable of performance under conditions positively baneful, is for these reasons the most engaging of them all; and if it were but one-half as wicked as the prudes have endeavored by method of naughty suggestion to make it would lack of absolute bliss nothing but the other half.

    The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce, Volume 8 Epigrams, On With the Dance, Negligible Tales

  • Yet by the simple instincts of a soul undebased by self-indulgence or low pursuits, he was drawn ever toward things lofty and good; and life went calmly on, bearing Godfrey Wardour toward middle age, unruffled either by anxiety or ambition.

    Mary Marston

  • Wherever they settled in America, besides the common schools, they turned their attention to high schools or academies, and to colleges, to educate men for all the departments of life, carrying in their emigration, the deep conviction, that without sound and extensive education, there could be no permanence in religious or civil institutions, or any pure and undebased enjoyments of domestic life.

    Sketches of North Carolina, Historical and Biographical, Illustrative of the Principles of a Portion of Her Early Settlers

  • In her might be seen, and in her was seen by the Europeans who attended the levee of that day, what the negro face and form may be when seen in their native climate, unhardened by degradation, undebased by ignorance, unspoiled by oppression -- all peculiarities of feature softened under the refining influence of mind, and all peculiarities of expression called out in their beauty by the free exercise of natural affections.

    The Hour and the Man, An Historical Romance

  • I have dreamed of a friend, a companion, a protector, with feelings still fresh, undebased by the low round of vulgar dissipation and mean pleasures, -- of a heart so new, that it might restore my own to what it was in its happy spring.

    My Novel — Volume 08

  • We have seen that, if there was one ambitious scheme in his calculation which, though not absolutely generous and heroic, still might win its way to a certain sympathy in the undebased human mind, it was the hope to restore the fallen fortunes of his ancient house, and repossess himself of the long alienated lands that surrounded the dismal wastes of the mouldering hall.

    My Novel — Volume 09

  • In the visage of man, uncorrupted and undebased, we read the frankness and ingenuousness of his soul, the clearness of his reflections, the penetration of his spirit.

    Thoughts on Man: His Nature, Productions, and Discoveries


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