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  • adv. In a way that is not debatable; in an undebatable way.


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un- + debatable + -ly


  • To this day, they have never received the appropriate recognition for having resisted the systematically orchestrated lies and fear tactics of the pro-Bush crowd (which includes both Ds and Rs), nor have they received the appropriate thanks and apologies from those who were absolutely, undebatably, undeniably, 100% wrong in their horrific assessment of what will go down as perhaps the greatest policy mistake in American history.

    Brad Friedman: Body of War, Let the History Books Show...

  • Since then, I have raised my consumption of other nuts, which are still undebatably raw.

    The Truth About Beauty

  • Specter's belief or claimed belief that a President's constitutional power cannot be regulated by Congress is undebatably false.

    Archive 2006-09-01

  • As well, a warming such as the ETM with undebatably natural causes helps us to draw exactly what conclusions with regard to a warming with anthropogenic causes?

    Moberg Corrigendum #2 « Climate Audit

  • Mostly, though, Scheller, a precocious beer expert at 26, has assembled an undebatably stunning list of sip-and-learn rarities that explore Europe's small-batch beer corners far beyond the Belgians Philadelphia already knows though they are amply represented, too.

    Phillies Zone

  • Yes, there is the question of (quote) "But is ´abortion´ not justified in any case at all?" and the answer to that is that there is one circumstance where "abortion" is undebatably, unquestionably, and indisputably justified, and two others where there may or may not be even any room for "debate", ultimately depending upon how the mother feels about the innocence of the baby.

    American Chronicle

  • A, B, and C are undebatably incorrect: it's a simple matter of proper grammar that the period would go inside the quotation marks.

    Authentic Boredom

  • A few of these I’ve certainly seen worse than #10 & 2 aren’t sooo bad, but those foamposites are undebatably ugly, “classic” or not.

    Top 10 Ugliest Kicks Of The Past 20 Years | YepYep - Your Daily Waste Of Time

  • The first circumstance where "abortion" is undebatably, unquestionably, and indisputably justified is where either pregnancy and / or giving birth (either "naturally" or by

    American Chronicle


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