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  • v. Present participle of undecorate.


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  • There are people within the decorating world who are suspicious of the idea of "undecorating."

    The Rise of the Personal

  • On the contrary, the movement - it's more accurate to call undecorating a movement than a single identifiable style - takes subversive pleasure in breaking the rules.

    NYT > Home Page

  • Ms. Lemieux believes Ms. Stewart had a role in the shift toward the do-it-yourself underpinning of "undecorating" and casts this new movement as more Martha deconstructed or Martha on the fly, or maybe, one might add, Martha minus the turning of tea towels into curtains.

    The Rise of the Personal

  • Perhaps now is the time to undecorate, and by that I mean it's time to embrace the new design trend of undecorating.

    The Rise of the Personal

  • The cynical among us might imagine that if the movement toward "undecorating" truly takes off, this will simply mean enormous amounts of effort poured into looking effortless; that a whole new breed of undecorators will be spawned, who will scour Parisian flea markets to unearth that perfect, quirky, idiosyncratic expression of their client's innermost self—and, in fact, there already are some hard at work doing just that.

    The Rise of the Personal

  • The origins of the "undecorating" movement lie in the rise, in the past decade, of blogs like "Apartment Therapy" and "Design Sponge," and the creation of shelter magazines like Domino and in Italy, "Apartamento," that began disseminating informal, accessible, personal design to the stylish amateur.

    The Rise of the Personal

  • Photograph by The Selby The apartment of decorator Jacques Grange from the website 'The Selby' illustrates the undecorating trend.

    The Rise of the Personal

  • The profusion of "undecorating" has some connection to the economic times, the idea, suddenly, that lavish is not entirely cool.

    The Rise of the Personal

  • With the holidays upon us, undecorating is the last thing anyone wants to do, but taking down dangerous blinds could save a life.

    670,000 window blinds recalled from Ikea after strangulation of child

  • Next up is undecorating the tree, which was pulled down by Linnea in the night, and dumping it outside the door; we can take it to be mulched on Tuesday.

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