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  • adj. not decorative
  • adj. unsightly, displeasing to the eye


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From un- +‎ decorative


  • We call this the physical expression of _woman's personality_; this personality moulds her bodily lines and if properly directed determines the character of the clothes she wears; determines also whether she be a decorative object which says something in line and colour, or an undecorative object which says nothing.

    Woman as Decoration

  • His wasn't effeminate; it was undecorative as a filled ash-tray, despite Una's daily following up of the careless scrubwomen with dust-cloth and whisk.

    The Job An American Novel

  • In short, where other attractive husbands brought a boring wife, Lord Borrodaile brought an undecorative daughter.

    The Convert

  • How stereotyped and assertive they were, and undecorative!

    The Complete Home

  • Steve lurched to his feet, thrusting an undecorative face over the table.

    The Desire of the Moth; and the Come On

  • Several competitors -- Littleton among them -- had come in person to explain the merits of their respective drawings, and by the side of solid, red-bearded, undecorative Mr. Cass, Littleton may well have seemed a dandy.

    Unleavened Bread

  • For earrings the Bubi wears pieces of wood stuck through the lobe of the ear, and although this is not a decorative habit still it is less undecorative than that of certain mainland friends of mine in this region, who wear large and necessarily dripping lumps of fat in their ears and in their hair.

    Travels in West Africa

  • _adorn_, for Catherine's unattractive face could adorn nothing, and this severe portrait in widow's weeds, with none of the pomp and circumstance of royalty to light up the sombre garb, is singularly undecorative.

    In Château Land

  • a hundred years -- have fallen out of repair and been replaced by undecorative wooden structures.

    Through Finland in Carts


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