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  • v. To recover (a file, record, etc.) from a deleted state.


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un- +‎ delete


  • Delete the photos to make the officer happy. later on "undelete" the files.


  • I see the previous encumbents didn't realise there is an 'undelete' facility.

    Guardian Online

  • And if you make a mistake during the delete process, it's easier to "undelete" a photo on the PC -- just retrieve it from the Recycle Bin.


  • Concepts like "secure delete" are about making sure that the data is also actually erased, and concepts like "undelete" are about recovering the data before it's overwritten.

    Ask Leo!

  • Like many Linux users, I lamented the absence of an "undelete" command.

    Public marks

  • I might be able to go on and build an "undelete" feature which would be handy for undo actions in slip cover.

    Planet Ubuntu

  • Some of the alternatives: delete the information from one's drive. (unlikely to be satisfactory, since 'undelete' programs are readily available) reformat the drive apply a specialized 'wiping' program (one or more times) destroy the drive physically encrypt the data on the drive then destroy the keys


  • It also has good version control, allowing you to "undelete" files.

    InfoWorld RSS Feed

  • Code: Select all include ( "{$phpbb_root_path} includes/mods/soft_delete. $phpEx"); if ($mode = = 'undelete') if ($topic_id) {handle_undelete_topic ($topic_id);} else if ($post_id) {handle_undelete ($post_id);} else if ($mode = = 'delete') handle_delete ($post_id);

  • I'd rather use an undelete program to recover my files than have a full recycle bin. ssj4Gogeta

    Put A Recycle Bin Shortcut On The Windows 7 Taskbar | Lifehacker Australia


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