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  • Both of these maestros had just been commissioned to paint murals commemorating famous Florentine battle victories on opposite walls of the Grand Council Chambers, then under construction in the Palazzo della Signoria.

    The Dragon’s Trail

  • Two more, the seventy-four-gun America and the twenty-eight-gun Bourbon, were under construction at shipyards in New England, but work on both was stalled for lack of funds.

    Robert Morris

  • Similarly, although the Germans professed to be satisfied with the performance of their smaller 11-inch and 12-inch guns, new ships under construction — the battleships Bayern and Baden, and the battle cruiser Hindenburg — would come to sea with 15-inch guns.

    Castles of Steel

  • I made the U-turn and quickly found the right road, and everything went perfectly wellthere was Lipomo, there was a sign pointing to Montorfanountil I came to a pair of orange sawhorses set across the road, and handwritten placards on the sawhorses indicating that both lanes of the two-lane highway were under construction and absolutely closed.

    The Italian Summer

  • Two facilities in the area were under construction before March 11: one in Higashidori and another in the nearby town of Oma.

    Pro-Nuclear Candidate Wins Japan Poll

  • The episode started four days earlier when, while at work in his office at Edwards, Neil got the phone call from Deke Slayton, head of the astronaut office at the Manned Spacecraft Center, then still under construction on Clear Lake, southeast of Houston.

    First Man

  • When these numbers were ascertained in December by the Allied Naval Council, an ultimatum was issued: every completed U-boat must be made seaworthy and brought to England immediately; those unable to proceed under their own power were to be towed; all boats under construction were to be destroyed.

    Castles of Steel

  • Sadly, the Vulcans also learned that at the time of the supernova, the Erelynians had a prototype warp engine under construction in orbit of their world.


  • The John W. Alexander Memorial Building, to be used for summer exhibitions of paintings and sculptures, is now under construction and will soon be completed.

    Edward MacDowell

  • Ms. Nakatsuka's husband lost his job as a welder at one of the plants under construction when the work there was suspended post-March 11, following a national review of nuclear reactors.

    Pro-Nuclear Candidate Wins Japan Poll


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