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  • In photography, not exposed to the action of light for a sufficient time to make a good picture: said of a negative, or in general of any work requiring to be completed by development. Also expressed by under-timed.


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  • Images (1972)- Altman's subtle, under-exposed chiller concerns Cathryn (the late Susannah York), a woman whose last vestiges of reality are giving way to schizophrenia.

    John Farr: Remembering Robert Altman

  • Such cheek runs alongside a commitment to spreading under-exposed Asian music far and wide.

    In praise of … the Asian Music Circuit | Editorial

  • Both touching and heartbreaking, with a sweet jazz score setting a mood of inner yearning, the under-exposed Killer of Sheep should be at the top of your must-see list.

    John Farr: For Black History Month, Ten Key Films on the African-American Experience

  • Richey: That's the other half of what we see as a root cause of the past decade of flat or negative returns for the typical U. S.-based equity investor: they've been seriously under-exposed to International stocks over the past decade.

    Buy Medicine And Beer Overseas

  • Chris Richey: We're biased, but we think the greatest sin in modern American stock investing is the fact that both U.S. individual and institutional investors are typically over-exposed to and over-diversified in the U.S. market while being significantly under-exposed to International stock markets.

    Buy Medicine And Beer Overseas

  • But invariably we get obnoxious requests that are due to photographer error— shooting too close for the cropping, offering the customer an out-of-focus image to chose from and which they will want a poster of, under-exposed images which are so yellow that color is a bear, and so forth.

    Making Light: Open thread 135

  • They were under-exposed to the US stock market this year.

    US Economic Momentum Continues

  • The first is to take a couple of shots in quick succession, one over-exposed and one under-exposed, and combine them into a single picture within the camera.

    Wired Top Stories

  • What follows are my favorite under-exposed Bogie picks.

    John Farr: The Best Bogart Movies By Farr

  • The magnificent, under-exposed "Monsters" is a moving, elegiac twist on the last days of Whale, the real-life director of "Frankenstein."

    John Farr: The Value Of Milk, and The Best Gay-Themed Movies By Farr


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