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  • n. An inferior or subordinate king.


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  • Now he commands you to divide your secret treasures and your ancestors 'wealth quickly with him, and you shall be his under-king, if you desire to live, because you do not have the power to withstand him.

    Archive 2008-04-20

  • There was a high king of shadowy power, whose sway was vaguely recognized as extending over the island, but whose practical supremacy was challenged on every hand by whatever king or under-king felt the fierce whim seize him.

    X. The Ancient Irish Sagas

  • I was satisfied with the crown of an under-king, satisfied to pass the time as I had been doing.

    The Ward of King Canute; a romance of the Danish conquest

  • And Godegesil, the under-king of Geneva, feeling uneasy alike from the nearness of this boy conqueror and the possible displeasure of his brother and over-lord, King Gundebald, declined longer to shelter his niece in his palace at Geneva.

    Historic girls; stories of girls who have influenced the history of their times,

  • And more than this, if Cnut must leave England alone presently, when Eadmund died he would claim the throne at once, either for himself or for one of these athelings as his under-king.

    King Olaf's Kinsman A Story of the Last Saxon Struggle against the Danes in the Days of Ironside and Cnut

  • And I used his name because, though a Dane might well call in subtlety on the name of Ethelred, none but a Saxon who knew how well loved was the under-king of East Anglia would think of naming him.

    Wulfric the Weapon Thane

  • So having got thus far, the advice of the gray-haired warrior seemed as good as any, for it was easy to me to get into West Wales, and then take service with the under-king until such time as Danish or Norse vikings put in thither, as they would at times for provender, or to buy copper and tin from the miners.

    A Thane of Wessex

  • Eric fled the land as man after man rose for his rival, and at last took to the Viking path, and thereafter made friends with Athelstane of England, and held Northumbria for him as under-king.

    A Sea Queen's Sailing

  • Osmund tell Guthrum and his chiefs that if he might name twelve hostages for himself the rest should go free, while Guthrum should hold the East Anglian kingdom for him as under-king.

    King Alfred's Viking A Story of the First English Fleet

  • But before he went he accepted from Alfred the gifts that an under-king should take from his overlord, and they were most splendid.

    King Alfred's Viking A Story of the First English Fleet


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