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  • v. Present participle of underbid.


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  • Gyros designed by men who spent too much of their youth watching cartoons and built by companies who get work by underbidding everyone else.

    Giant Japanese Killer Robots

  • It prevents a non-union contractor from severely underbidding a union contractor by offering poverty wages.

    Mike Elk: Ballot Intiative Victory Points to Next Possible Casualty for Unions: Project Labor Agreements

  • The persistent high level of lending raises concerns that a bank or group of banks in the euro zone may be facing serious funding problems, although a widely-circulated hypothesis holds that the phenomenon may be due to a bank inadvertently "underbidding" at this week's seven-day tender, forcing it to seek funds overnight at the penalty rate.

    European Stocks Snap Five-Day Winning Streak

  • As I understand free markets, the proper solution is for American laborers to leave their families and camp out in cheap housing, underbidding the import labor, and sending their families $25 or $50 a week to liveon.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Immigrants and Nazis, Communists and Cardinals

  • To them it will be inexplicable that this man, with his health and his millions, could not go on living as his class lived, keeping regular hours at desk and stock exchange, driving close contracts, underbidding his competitors, and exulting in the business disasters of his fellows.

    Fomá Gordyéeff

  • But underbidding and then holding NASA hostage to a partially complete spacecraft ( "how dare NASA suggest cutting an-almost-finished spacecraft") is what makes planning nearly impossible.

    MSL Problems Revisited - NASA Watch

  • If those proposing missions are purpiosely underbidding in an effort to "get the program" then they need to be sacked or charged with fraud.

    MSL Problems Revisited - NASA Watch

  • Interestingly, though, the end of the De Beers monopoly has not led to aggressive underbidding: Everyone involved seems to recognize that price wars could kill the diamond goose.

    Five myths about diamonds

  • In a fixed-price contract, the contractor bears the risk of underbidding, but if the government commits to reimbursing the contractor's costs, the government may realize no savings.

    David Isenberg: The Chimerical Cost Savings of Outsourcing

  • By 1913, just entering his thirties, he had acquired his own building firm and was taking jobs away from his former customers by ruthless underbidding.



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