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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of underbudget.


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  • It's hard to measure which effect is more disruptive for an economy, so the question sometimes becomes one of how to meet other objectives, such as underbudgeted programs like Social Security or Medicare.

    Trade Deficit, Saving, and Tax Policy, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • One area of wedding planning that is generally overlooked and underbudgeted is lighting.

    My Fair Wedding

  • My husband is one of the underpaid, underappreciated, and underbudgeted public school teachers.

    Killing Wonder: Life in the Disaster Zone

  • George A. Romero's 1973 original was an underbudgeted thriller about a Pennsylvania town in the grip of a bloody nightmare: Biological weapons accidentally dumped in the water supply, turning the locals into lunatics.

    'A Prophet': The Crime Epic Reborn

  • Sadly after “Spider and Tulip” he did a sort of Fantasia short set to music that was beautiful but underbudgeted and not what a post war audience found commercial and then he did some more conventional talking animal shorts in the late 40s and left animation by the early 1950s.

    The First Anime Film: Momotaro’s Divine Sea Warriors »

  • Our accountant says that the federal goverments departments are underbudgeted this year and that the departments are putting the squeeze on "clients."

    IMSS finiquito

  • During this current time of war, Republicans have repeatedly underbudgeted the VA so that is unable to meet its core mission, providing health assistance to the men and women who have so honorably served our country.

    Sound Politics: More resume inflation from Darcy Burner?

  • The social service system and foster homes are overwhelmed and underbudgeted in every state.

    Think Progress » Alito’s Personal Crusade To Overturn Roe

  • Few departments have adequate budgets, and if underbudgeted, the pervs get pushed down the priority list.

    Innocent Man Mistaken For Registered Offender

  • New scenes will have to be written, particularly transitional scenes—time will run short, or whole sections of the original script will prove to be underbudgeted, or the director will change his mind about a dramatic relationship—but this is the kind of writing easily done from afar.

    film flam


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