undercaffeinated love



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  • adj. Insufficiently caffeinated.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

under- +‎ caffeinated


  • I was furious and undercaffeinated and hungry and headachey, so I handled it as badly as you can possibly handle an angry five-year-old.


  • I've been attending fewer panels than usual--at the moment, I'm on track to see five or six over the conference's three days--but as usual some have been good, some bad, and others might have been good had their papers been better delivered or I not undercaffeinated, overfatigued, or wedged into a hot, crowded room with a whirring exhaust system.

    Ferule & Fescue

  • These are celebrated not for their specific improvements of local policy, but for those little moments of unbridled, unexpected delight that they deliver to the residents of a city, who are undercaffeinated and undercompensated, head-down and heartbroken, propelling themselves towards another dreary day of work.


  • If you're like me, you find yourself rushing out the door hungry and undercaffeinated many a morning, the inevitable result of which is $6 spent on a bad egg sandwich and coffee fit only for war criminals.

    WordPress.com News

  • I've: put the grounds in without a filter. forgotten to grind the beans. poured cold water over the grounds (we have an old-fashioned thingy where you pour the boiling water over the grounds yourself). forgotten to put water in the electric coffee maker. forgotten to put grounds in the electric coffee maker. knocked over the freshly brewed coffee (this is particularly traumatic). knocked over the grounds before brewing the coffee (this is really awful because cleaining up coffee grounds is miserable at any time, but it is exceptionally miserable when one is undercaffeinated). successfully brewed the coffee but then lost it before having a chance to drink it (I did this just this past weekend - I finally found the coffee the next day in the microwave).

    Coffee Conundra

  • current mood: undercaffeinated current music: David Bowie - Space Oddity 2 comments |comment on this

    Cat Rambo

  • I’m still a bit too undercaffeinated to wax eloquent about hope…

    Firedoglake » Sunday Talking Head Thread


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