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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of undercook.


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  • In the kitchen she spat out orders at the undercooks, then carried the tray of oatmeal and eggs and bacon up the stairs herself.


  • Cooks and undercooks scurried back and forth as Hern hopped from stove to stove around them, a pair of large wooden spoons gripped menacingly in either hand.

    Reiffeins Choice

  • Avender watched from his seat at the window as one of the undercooks rolled a barrel of slops into the yard.

    Reiffeins Choice

  • Two undercooks were kneading bread, and a maid was slicing vegetables.

    House Of The Scorpion

  • This news ran through the castle by means of servers, cooks, undercooks, scullions, maids, tiring-maids, and maids of honour, more swiftly than it progressed up the table where men had the meats to keep their minds upon.

    The Fifth Queen Crowned

  • Armstrong takes the free but undercooks it and the ball drops to Masterson's hands.

    RTÉ News

  • Tremblay has always known that universal truths are best expressed by specific examples and this woman who undercooks her roast beef, cleans the house like a demon and delivers devastating imitations of all her relations, provides rich, rich comic fodder. - Home Page

  • She'd nag him all day about how he always undercooks the meat and just because his family may have been cave dwellers a few decades ago didn't mean he had to force his archaic tendencies on the rest of us so when it was finally time to fire up the grill, not only was he already drunk but he was agitated from all the harping so he'd purposely burn the chicken and undercook the beef.

    What The Hell Nationality Are You?


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