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  • v. Present participle of undercrank.


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  • Two aspects of Yuen's action choreography that have not aged as well include his over-use of power powder and undercranking, which is the act of speeding up the action by slowing down the frame capture rate.

    Kung Fu Cinema

  • The series ran on ITV for 20 years and featured classic and slapstick and burlesque sketches, blackouts, sight gags, song parody, pioneering use of "undercranking" sped-up footage and double entendre humour - always suitable for the entire family and always hilarious.

    British Blogs

  • Moreover, during the shootout White jumps from Paul Greengrass-style shakycam to undercranking the camera for slow motion effects, as if unsure exactly how he should be filming the action, or even what kind of movie he's making.

    MOVIE REVIEW: The Losers (2010)

  • Here is an interesting clip from YouTube analyzing how the famous jig was shot by means of undercranking to make it look a little faster and a lot sillier:

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • Offering a full range of variable frame rates, from 1 fps to 60 fps (in 720p mode) in single-frame steps, the VariCam 2700 provides precise control for overcranking and undercranking for fast and slow motion effects.

    Creative COW News

  • This, of course, occurs in FIST OF LEGEND, as does rampant undercranking which sadly diminishes otherwise outstanding fighting form on the part of Li, Chow, Kurata and co-star Chin Siu-ho who previously worked with Li and Yuen Woo-ping in THE TAI-CHI MASTER.

    Kung Fu Cinema

  • While it may not exactly be the great undercranking kickboxing of Hong Kong action cinema, for an American B-movie, they actually did a pretty decent job compared to other American B-movies, where at times the camera angles are so bad that the guy never gets hit and he has to pretend he gets hit.

    Kung Fu Cinema

  • DRAGON INN isn't marked by any outstanding fight sequences and there is some noticeable undercranking, although there is plenty of solid swordplay action throughout that benefit from long takes and judicious trick editing to enhance character abilities.

    Kung Fu Cinema

  • The only faults I can find in the action relate to laws of physics being broken and infrequent reliance on common genre tricks including undercranking and wire use.

    Kung Fu Cinema

  • The martial-arts expertise shown here is impressive, but it's undercut by undercranking the camera, speeding things up to Wile E. Coyote-Road Runner levels.

    Starbulletin Headlines


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