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  • n. A dot (the diacritical mark) placed below any of a number of letters of the Latin script, used in various languages.


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  • Much like the more recent long-ranger named Sergei Starostin with his obsession with diacritics, Illich-Svitych had a peculiar, romantic soft spot for ejectives which he marked with an underdot in his transciptions.

    The early Illych-Svitych on Indo-European and early Semitic contacts

  • One is the refusal to use the IPA -- to the point that sometimes different transcriptions are used for different languages, so that an underdot can mean an ejective, a retroflex, a pharyngealized consonant and who knows what else.

    How NOT to reconstruct a protolanguage

  • As late as in spring this year, I for example suddenly realized that the name Huneefa, which I for more than 40 years had read with u = schwa (or rather Swedish throughstroke u) and ee = IPA [e:], must be [Hani:fa] (with an emphatic, underdot H), meaning the pious one', and my theory is now that Hurree babu ([huhre:]) might be "Harry". BOLLYWOOD LANGUAGE.


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