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  • v. Present participle of underearn.


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  • According to Lisa, "underearning is the pattern of earning less money than you need, or than is beneficial, despite your desire to do otherwise."

    Carolyn Ziel: Are you underearning?

  • First we had to learn what underearning really is.

    Carolyn Ziel: Are you underearning?

  • However, if you are living below your potential and you want or desire more, then you're underearning.

    Carolyn Ziel: Are you underearning?

  • Here are five examples that may indicate you are underearning: 1. Failing to ask for a raise or raising your fees to keep up with the cost of living.

    Carolyn Ziel: Are you underearning?

  • A lot of people were issuing similar warnings back then, too - that if the Administration appears to ally itself with Summers, Geithner, and Wall Street instead of the jobless and underearning people on Main Street, there would be hell to pay.

    Richard (RJ) Eskow: Kinky Speaks: The Independent Texan Talks Democrats, The Tea Party, And Rick Perry

  • The minimum goal in UA, for many, is to command a wage that covers their expenses: "If I take a job for less than $44 an hour, I'm underearning," is the way one member defines it.

    A Program for Poor-aholics

  • I used to have all sorts of confusions about my relationship with money and it resulted in a whole lot of underearning justified often by me trying to be above it all.

    How to Sell with a Clear Conscience

  • In this 240-page book, the best-selling author of "Secrets of Six-Figure Women" shares her own secrets to overcoming underearning.

    Quick Read

  • Many women have a habit of blaming themselves for underearning—chastising themselves for making the wrong career choice or being too shy to insist on credit for the project that got a male coworker a promotion.

    Getting Even

  • While we were plugging numbers into her budget, I realized that she was underearning for her job title and level of experience. News


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