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  • n. Insufficient emphasis


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under- +‎ emphasis


  • She suggests there's an overemphasis on privacy, security, individual rights and an underemphasis on institutional tranparency, community computing and informatics, all of which she sees as necessary for an information society that benefits the poor.

    Global Voices in English » Harvard Forum: Markets, Mobiles and the ability to make culture

  • What's remarkable about this deliberate underemphasis of black issues is that Mr. Obama had little trouble picking up black supporters along his way.

    Danny Groner: Obama Knows Slow and Steady Wins Race Relations

  • Commonly identified shortcomings include an allegedly overweening U.S. military response; an underemphasis on the "soft power" approach--winning hearts and minds; and a failure to appreciate that a resort to the military-based "hard power" approach to counter-terrorism, while sometimes necessary, makes exercising soft power more difficult.

    U.S. Report Shows Terrorism On The Rise

  • It is an underemphasis part of my education and I embarrass myself constantly with that. globaltrivia Arabic is the language of Egypt. #geography

    Gaea Times (by Simple Thoughts) Breaking News and incisive views 24/7

  • The schools suffer from "an overemphasis on the rigor and an underemphasis on relevance," he said.


  • A second reason, which I've seen trip up more than a few former newspaper photographers, is an underemphasis on advance preparation for shoots.

    Black Star Rising

  • • Fix the health-care system, which is bleeding our country dry with its emphasis on profit and, again, a corporate culture that leads to the enrichment of those on top, overemphasis on bureaucracy and underemphasis on health.

    Aspen Times - Top Stories

  • But the fact remains that it was McCain's underemphasis rather than overemphasis of the social issues that cost him Republican votes.


  • It’s the internalization b/c of the overemphasis on men’s contributions and the underemphasis on women’s that helps build the male entitlement that it’s a fact of life that men do more, contribute more, and thus are superiorsince more and more in modern times, the physical superiority argument is falling flat

    Is “Race Traitor” Racist? Depends on Who Says It


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