underexercised love


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  • adj. Having inadequate exercise.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

under- +‎ exercised


  • None of them were being treated in the hospital when the outbreak started, but they were nevertheless almost as medically fragile as hospital patients: undernourished, underexercised, with immune systems already overtaxed.


  • On Letterman's show he nearly always wore a not very elegant suit and tie, and he had a large round face and big glasses-I always thought of an older, underexercised Tweetie

    Tom Gliatto: May the Angels Welcome You, Larry "Bud" Melman

  • End result: an obese, underexercised population with polluted air to breathe.

    Are autos necessary?

  • Still, next to his tall, blond, muscly figure - which stands in stark contrast to my short, underexercised, slightly balding one - I often find myself thinking sometimes that he may have gotten the better deal in this arrangement.

    you are here and warm

  • Remembering the podgy, underexercised looks of the gunslingers he had taken these weapons from, it seemed that they cared better for the weapons they wore than for the weapons they were.

    The Drawing of the Three

  • Comedy is a tense form, so Updike lets himself go, like an underexercised racehorse, on passages of description.


  • The screen flickered momentarily, then built up a stereo-picture of a dowager, fat and fretful, overdressed and underexercised.

    The Past Through Tomorrow

  • Tetlow's fat, smooth, pasty face of the overfed, underexercised professional man became a curious exhibit of alarm and obstinacy.

    Grain of Dust.

  • He was not underfed any more than he was underexercised or asphyxiated.

    The Ball and the Cross

  • For that, in its noisier and more acrid forms you must go back to the men who are not fighting, to the overdriven and underexercised journalists, sizzling and thundering in their swivel-chairs.

    Antwerp to Gallipoli A Year of the War on Many Fronts—and Behind Them


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