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  • verb transitive To fill with an insufficient amount.


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under- +‎ fill


  • The blurry edges are due to a material called the underfill, it looks like glue seeping from the edges, and serves as mechanical support for the die to substrate bonds and a moisture barrier to protect the bumps.

    The Inquirer

  • CPJ+ reduces process variability to maintain a constant Takt time by ensuring consistent flow rates for applications such as underfill with tight keep-out zones and for sealing applications where uniform bondline thickness is critical. Aktuelle Nachrichten

  • "Our first Galaxy has proven to be an integral part of our wafer-applied underfill (WAU) materials program," explains Candice Brannen, LORD Corporation Senior Scientist.


  • High lead bumps + weak underfill = 'Material set' which was buggy

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  • If The Inquirer is right and the underfill is bad, temperature over time could lead to the failure.

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  • So now the question is, was the exchange of just the underfill enough to fix the problem of cracking / dying chips?

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  • It can't change the chip itself but it can change the underfill (which doesn't belong to the chip) - which of course improves the situation but definatly doesn't solve the problem in the long term

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  • When a BlSOD happened and after a hard reset things work (at least for 5mins in a Game) this can not be taken as evidence that the physical structure of the chip - be it bumps or underfill - has been permanently altered.

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  • Now he claims it is the underfill or the lack of a critical component which would normally lead to the chips stability. (again it is mentioned that it is a combination but the key argument is as I pointed out the underfill in the most recent article).

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  • The graphics company reportedly "strongly recommends" that partners making certain GeForce 8700M, 8800M and 9650M video chipsets switch to a revision with a Hitachi underfill, or contact bump material, as soon as possible.

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