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  • n. Plural form of underflow.


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  • There were differences in range and precision, differences in roundoff algorithms, mysterious overflows or underflows, different ways of handling errors and exceptions, and weird truncations.

    Ada Lovelace Day

  • You fix the underflows and overflows and index out of bounds errors very quickly.

    Gavin Schmidt: station data "not used" in climate models « Climate Audit

  • Muxman, and will still give you a playable DVD, even if it also reports buffer underflows (as long as there aren't too many). Forum

  • Maybe you're using an older version which allowed a few buffer underflows? Forum

  • Anyway, yes, that's what happens when you have buffer underflows - a quick stutter at those places. Forum

  • Unbuffered bitrate peaks from buffer underflows cause studdering, and a persistently high bitrate can cause black screen, or no playback at all. Forum

  • And even without the DD 2.0 audio it still gives underflows? Forum

  • If the thirteen underflows were over a full length movie you can call it marginal. Forum

  • Since the underflows are partly also source dependent, playing around a bit with the "maxrate" should allow you to avoid them without introducing other playback problems. certainly enjoy the ongoing dialogue! Forum

  • Improper interleaving will result in buffer underflows or overflows, as the receiver gets more of one stream than it can store (eg. audio), before it gets enough data to decode the other simultaneous stream (eg. video).

    Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]


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