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  • verb Third-person singular simple present indicative form of underinvest.


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  • He adds that in general "capitalism underinvests in innovation," particularly in areas with "long time horizons and where government regulations are unclear."

    A Window Into the Nuclear Future

  • Government spending can do a lot of good: most important, it can invest in public goods in which the (non-existent, fictitious) “free market” underinvests, such as education of children, creation of basic knowledge, public infastructure, etc.; and it can relieve the plight of the unfortunate.

    Matthew Yglesias » Obama vs Worsted Wool Producers

  • Because such factors aren't easily monetized, industry underinvests in technologies that reduce emissions or make us less dependent on foreign oil.

    Government Has a Role in Financing Energy Technology

  • That's partially because there's an authentic concern about deficits among the sort of center-left economists who staff Democratic presidential administrations, but it's also because people who think the government underinvests in important priorities such as early childhood education realize that's unlikely to change if health-care spending keeps growing as a percentage of the federal budget.

    Yes, it's progressive to cut wasteful goverment spending

  • That's why the private sector generally underinvests in basic science.

    CNN Transcript Sep 21, 2009

  • Yet even as Taipei adopts ever more assertive policies toward the mainland, it underinvests in defense.

    Ted Galen Carpenter on US and Taiwan Defense Policy

  • The bill also underfunds after-school and summer school programs and underinvests in the recruitment and training of high-quality teachers.

    Fact Sheet On Honoring Blue Ribbon Schools

  • Rather it's that by overpaying them, society underinvests in stuff thatmatters I should explain, the server was hacked and already inundated with spam, now resurrecting but it will take a while.

    The Guardian World News

  • Because the Internet is a shared network, a carrier that underinvests in capacity or is inefficient in its network management becomes a bottleneck for all the that passes through it.

    Yahoo! News: Technology News

  • That’s shifting costs, too, but in a different way — UPS underinvests in service providers, particularly for resolving errors, and then uses extended time on the phone as a way of rationing the time of its overstretched customer service reps, even though, to take Costco and UPS as its contractor at face value, the contract price promised a very different level of customer service.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » How Not to Do E-Commerce


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