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  • adj. illuminated from beneath
  • adj. poorly, or insufficiently illuminated


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  • Characters hang around monochromatic tavern cellars and underlit city streets and a mansion which looks like a steampunk haunted frat house, but bright swaths of color decorate the screen, and the people themselves seem almost to glow.

    Ten Years of 'Fight Club' |

  • The young women are sitting in underlit gloom around a kitchen table, accompanying themselves by using cottage cheese tubs as percussion instruments, with amazing, deadpan skill.

    Spencer Critchley: How Viral Works: Tracing the Take-off of Erato's "Call Your Girlfriend"

  • I went there a couple of times: it was full of drunken contractors, and this, plus the underlit tables and retro 1970s lamps, gave the place a feverish, menacing glamour.

    Day of Honey

  • With a dip in the dark standing-seam metal, the roof gets a winglike lift that, underlit at dusk, conjures a certain blackbird.

    A Visitor Center Where Poe Heard a Knocking

  • Since most stores are woefully underlit, the newest in LED bulbs offer magnificent options.

    Jeffrey Hutchison: Retail's New Year's Resolutions

  • For every two seats there's a small, underlit table from which to dine.

    Theatrics in Williamsburg

  • In Charles Vidor's evergreen 1946 oddity Gilda – a studio-bound noir thriller that often feels more like an underlit musical comedy – the imperishable, impossible and irreplaceable Rita Hayworth reaches out across nearly seven decades of vanished time to prove that she still, with one extended little finger and a blunderbuss double-entendre, has the power to knock every man in the audience flat on his ass.

    Gilda is pure, undistilled Rita Hayworth

  • No matter where you hear Collins, you'll swear the room was smoke-filled, underlit, and there was a vague menace in the air that was only mitigated by the songs themselves; enveloping everyone in a darkness, walking us through The Thousand Dangers of Life - with only Collins 'smoky, rubbery, stylized voice to lead the way.

    Angora Holly Polo: The Problem of Leisure: Special UMS 2010 Edition

  • At one point during the meeting, when fielding questions over the level of BP's commitment to alternative energy, the chair of your board -- bizarrely underlit like Dr. Strangelove and seated in a futuristic looking plexiglass pod -- proudly stated: "Just because we have changed our slogan to Beyond Petroleum does not change the fact that our primary function as a company is and will remain the extraction and distribution of hydrocarbons."

    Josh Schrei: Buddhist Ethics for a Harm-Free Livelihood: An Open Letter to the CEO of BP

  • Today this means places like Bangladesh and the “special economic zones” or “export processing zones” of China, where workers—squeezed into underlit, underventilated, deafening factories to perform mind-numbing, repetitive drudgery, sometimes for eleven hours a day—receive wages as low as ten to thirteen cents per hour.27 Free speech and the right to form a trade union are routinely repressed as well.



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