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  • adv. In a way that underlies.


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underlying +‎ -ly


  • That could be because population A is underlyingly better at such tests.

    Is psychology a science, redux

  • Solinus spoke of Βριτόμαρτις Britómartis as a native Cretan name for Artemis, the Greek goddess of moon and hunt, which he claimed had underlyingly meant virgo dulcis 'sweet maiden'1 and Hesychius doubly equates his Cretan gloss βριτύ with Greek γλυκύ 'sweet'.

    Archive 2009-12-01

  • I don't have kids and am not sure I want them, but this is almost irrelevant given how wacky and underlyingly intelligent the show is.

    What About Spongebob?

  • Upon returning to this topic after a long pause1, I realized that any added material archaeological evidence that I might have missed which would substantiate Larthi's purported marriage is underlyingly irrelevant to whether the inscription itself is truly mentioning a marriage.

    Archive 2009-04-01

  • Of course, underlyingly, psychologically in such a case, one has to have great animosity towards the grandmother and be willing to kill the child as punishment to the grandmother, not only as salvation for the child even in a perverted mind.

    CNN Transcript Mar 18, 2009

  • In Jasanoff's view however, thematic verbs (e.g. *bʰér-o-h₂ 'I carry') are underlyingly the original subjunctive forms while athematic verbs (e.g. *h₁éi-mi 'I go') are archaic presents.

    Archive 2008-03-01

  • Likewise then, we might posit that *ker- is underlyingly an athematic root *qēr- both with an update of plain *k to uvular *q, and athematization of this root à la Jasanoff.

    The origin of the Indo-European uvular stop (traditionally the "plain, non-palatalized stop")

  • This is when you see a long vowel in some proto-language and a devilish thought comes to mind like "Gee, I wonder if that long vowel is underlyingly the result of a vowel-plus-laryngeal combo?"

    Laryngeal abuse - Phonemes caught in the reconstructive crossfire

  • It's as if the people who complain perhaps secretly believe it and that's what they're underlyingly upset about.

    Sound Politics: Liberals Remain Miffed About Religion

  • I wonder if the growing nihilism we see in Western society today is the direct result of the underlyingly nihilistic views of Christianity as shown in my aforementioned "paradox of creation".

    The Jesus Myth


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