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  • adj. Not sufficiently motivated.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

under- +‎ motivated


  • The New York Times reported on March 24 that hippies had taken over New York's Grand Central Station and "transformed a spring be-in to a militant antiwar demonstration," which in turn led to a lengthy article on the possibility that hippies, whom the establishment had defined as undermotivated types, were turning into political activists.

    1968 the Year that Rocked the World

  • We all still have plenty of unmotivated -- or at least undermotivated -- students who come to school to "kick it" with their friends and sometimes try to disrupt the learning of others or don't come to school much at all.

    Larry Strauss: Amidst the Worst of Times Are the Best of Times: Acting Quietly in the Interest of Children

  • If these underachieving, undermotivated 10-year olds are going to make it, they're going to require some sort of impetus; they're going to need something to keep them focused academically.

    David Macaray: Are We Serious About Fixing Our Education System?

  • In both cases, you can spot dynamics at work pointing to undermotivated partisans: Hickenlooper's base Democrats unenthusiastic about his centrist message, and Republicans with very little chance of a successful outcome regardless of who they choose -- and who don't know which way to turn.

    Rasmussen Gubernatorial Poll Shows Demoralized Partisans, Hick on Top

  • If they conclude, as some argue, that the problem was an undermotivated liberal base, then the logical reaction would be a turn to the left and a staunch resistance to compromises with the Republicans who now control the House and hold expanded power in the Senate.

    Democrats Try to Crack Mystery of the Missing Voters

  • The argument of Consumed is a barrage of small facts tenuously connected by undermotivated pet theories exhumed from the graveyard of 20th century social theory — Freud, Marcuse, Adorno,

    In Search of Higher Pleasures

  • And I sleep very soundly at night flunking those students that are both underprepared and undermotivated, because everyone esp. the students knows that a good grade in my class really means something.

    The great education debate

  • Students that are some combination of underprepared or undermotivated simply don't pass.

    The great education debate

  • But I found this one way overpopulated and undermotivated.

    Rain Gods -- James Lee Burke

  • With the bulk of Russia's military hardware going to rust and ruin, the majority of its soldiers underpaid, undertrained and undermotivated, it comes as a surprise that more tragedies haven't occurred.

    Mail Call


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