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  • v. Present participle of underpay.


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  • Sounds like more of the same: young stuck in underpaying, overworked, wage-stagnant, dead-end jobs for fear of losing insurance.

    Baucus…Because - Swampland -

  • Though a major may have its name on tickets, it is not legally liable for the smaller company, for its safety record or its cost-cutting measures, such as underpaying workers, encouraging them to fly more often than might be safe, or even fly planes they haven't been trained on.


  • "underpaying" the artists, shouldn't the artists be


  • Worthington makes the biggest impression among the male actors with his underpaying of the role of David.

    Jackie K. Cooper: The Debt Owes Us More

  • If that sounds like cynicism to you, to me it sounds like the company is trying to transform public perception away from being seen as, among other things, a predatory employer with a long history of underpaying its workers.

    Nick Wiseman: Wal-Mart's Coming to Town

  • If you make mistakes, you can end up wildly overpaying or underpaying tax.

    What to Ask Before Buying

  • In the U.K. everyone from billionaires looking to park money in offshore funds to plumbers underpaying tax bills have felt the wrath of the revenue.

    Tax Fight or Flight?

  • Of Diamond's then-new foray into the packaged food business, he said: "I think the growers are really wondering whether or not this Emerald snack nut category is profitable or is being subsidized so heavily by Diamond by underpaying the growers."

    Accounting for Nuts

  • Officials told Russian media that Prokhorov is suspected of underpaying taxes owed to the Russian state on a transaction in Britain in 2008.

    Russian Billionaire Elected Head of Pro-Business Political Party

  • Exactly how rational is a society that pays — or allows to be paid — tens and hundreds of billions of dollars to a relative handful of people who manipulate paper, while underpaying and laying off those who are the backbone of a functioning society?

    Rationalized Irrationality « L.E. Modesitt, Jr. – The Official Website


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