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  • n. An insufficient payment
  • n. The act of making such a payment
  • n. The amount by which a payment is insufficient

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  • n. the act of paying less than required
  • n. a payment smaller than needed or expected


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  • On Tuesday, when Mr. Geithner's failures were first reported by The Wall Street Journal, the Obama transition office issued a statement calling his underpayment of taxes "honest mistakes."


  • A potential underpayment by the Perry campaign to Mr. Pardo for use of his plane was reported Tuesday by the New York Times.

    Campaign to Pony Up for Flight Costs

  • If the amount under the AMT is higher than what they would otherwise owe, they must pay the higher amount, or risk incurring underpayment penalties.

    AMT Complicates Tax Estimates

  • Under the safe harbor, underpayment penalties won't apply to those paying an amount equal to 100% of their prior year's tax bill.

    AMT Complicates Tax Estimates

  • Aetna says the the miscalculations were the result of outdated data tables used by Aetna Student Health (also known as Chickering), and that average underpayment was about $25.

    Aetna Underpaid Students, Settles For $5 Million - The Consumerist

  • Nobody is accountable, there is rampant underpayment of employees.

    Government agencies rely on contractors to oversee contractors

  • The Laborers International Union of North America in 2008 issued a study that called employees at home builders the "newest victims" of the housing market crisis because of "underpayment."

    U.S. Hits Builders With Pay Probe

  • His campaign received a filip when at the beginning of this month, HM Revenue & Customs – stung by suggestions it traditionally failed to act on evidence of underpayment – issued a warning to fashion houses that they could be prosecuted for not paying their interns.

    More than 800 unpaid interns hired at arts and sports groups in two years

  • Government officials say the problem isn't underpayment to doctors and providers—it's overpayment.

    Health System Reflects Greece's Ills

  • Lawmakers likely will do so again, but until that happens taxpayers making quarterly estimated payments must choose between paying higher amounts they may never owe and risking underpayment penalties if there isn't a fix.

    The Road Ahead for Taxes


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