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  • adj. Having a relatively or abnormally low price


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under- +‎ priced


  • Urban on-street parking is almost always underpriced, which is why you can almost never find a spot.

    More Sex Is Safer Sex

  • Berkeley is "underpriced" for the value and CU is appropriately priced.

    Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local

  • A "double-dip" world downturn is the most "underpriced" risk in financial markets, followed by weaker-than-expected Chinese growth, Barclays Plc said Dec. 21. --

  • Watch them advise us to buy shares in "underpriced" finance houses like Merrill Lynch.

    Not PC

  • Exporters say they are hurt by underpriced Chinese goods but companies that operate in or export from China worry they might suffer from U.S. sanctions or Chinese retaliation.

    China Criticizes U.S. For Protectionism

  • Gold-mining stocks, too, are underpriced relative to gold: The ratio between the two now is near its highest level since 2008, though Mr. Lapointe says he expects gold to fall and the price of the stocks to level out.

    Time to Ditch Commodities?

  • Scott Simon, head of the mortgage- and asset-backed securities teams at Pacific Investment Management Co., has conducted a study of showing that when Wall Street banks tweak their models, they almost always show that mortgage bonds are underpriced, suggesting the changes are made to make bonds more attractive to investors.

    Playing With Models a Tough Game

  • The information that the stock is underpriced comes from my * willingness* to pay the price I paid, not from the actual purchase.

    Anti-Finance Bias, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Thanks to those who responded to my question above, which was: when I spend a day analyzing a stock, determining it underpriced, and making $100 because of that, have I benefited society $100 worth?

    Anti-Finance Bias, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • LinkedIn Corp. shares more than doubled on their first trading day, raising questions whether the bank had underpriced the company's stock.

    Hunting for Big IPO Game


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