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  • v. Present participle of underprice.


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  • Over long periods, the economic power of an exceptional business will correct any short-term underpricing mistakes that the stock market makes.

    The Tao of Warren Buffett

  • While you’re absolutely correct that underpricing is causing the shortage, you’re making the same mistake the GOP usually makes, which is to attempt to solve complex public policy problems by applying reductive Econ 101 “wisdom” to topics where it doesn’t really belong.

    Matthew Yglesias » Parking Shortages Still Bad for Business

  • The financial system, by underpricing risk, was ripping itself off.

    Who is the financial sector ripping off?

  • By keeping the value of the renminbi artificially low against the dollar, China makes its goods cheaper on world markets, encouraging consumers to buy and underpricing competitors from other countries.

    House slaps China on currency policy, deepening trade dispute

  • Tax consultancies Grant Thornton and Econ Poyry said that Mopani uses its relationship with its parent company, Glencore, to carry out practices such as inflating operational costs, the underpricing of copper, irregular hedging and "transfer pricing" with Glencore's unit in the U.K.

    Zambia Demands More Taxes From Glencore

  • There is huge overpricing of China, huge underpricing of geopolitical risk, just wait until China rattles the cage using its proxy, North Korea, or asserts itself over Taiwan.

    GDP projections from PwC: how China, India and Brazil will overtake the West by 2050

  • "It still appears as if market participants are underpricing equity risks," Jefferies & Co. derivatives strategists wrote to clients Thursday.

    Bulls Get Behind Target

  • When LinkedIn went public last year and the stock price doubled during the first day of trading, some accused Morgan Stanley of deliberately underpricing the shares to steal money from LinkedIn and give it to their favored clients.

    Rich, Rich Facebook

  • But on the other hand when you consider what a large proportion of economic activity still takes place in big city downtowns and how reliant this country is on automobile transportation it becomes clear that the systematic underpricing of parking in built-up areas is in fact a major source of economic inefficiency.

    Matthew Yglesias » Parking Shortages Still Bad for Business

  • We represented a hedge fund that sold its shares in a secondary public offering as part of a recapitalization in a claim against the issuer and lead underwriters for hiding information about market demand and underpricing the offering in order to ensure that our client sold all its shares.

    Jammie’s new lawyer KAD Camara v the RIAA


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