underregulated love


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  • adj. Insufficiently regulated


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

under- +‎ regulated


  • The notion that financial markets are "underregulated" is laughable.

    The American Spectator

  • He also indicated he supports the lifting of sanctions, which he says "would help" by bringing in more companies "with good corporate responsibility rules," which could help boost economic growth while minimizing problems associated with environmental degradation and other issues linked to underregulated development.

    Stiglitz Sees Progress on Myanmar Currency Regime

  • Malloch-Brown offers pointed analyses of feuding between the World Bank and the IMF, the insufficiency of mere "democracy" to make people happy, and even the world itself as an "underregulated hell".

    Et cetera: Steven Poole's non-fiction choice – reviews

  • It then moves to the opaque and underregulated finance system, where the banks were packaging products they didn't understand into securitized bonds and selling them off so quickly that they stopped worrying about how risky they were, and where regulators didn't see what was going on and thus didn't demand the banks hold enough capital to protect themselves from the inevitable reckoning.

    It's all about Dodd-Frank

  • The level of air pollution that companies can emit is underregulated in the United States, especially with regard to greenhouse gasses.

    Matthew Yglesias » Is America Overregulated?

  • With the nation still reeling from the harm caused by underregulated markets, conservatives are using city and state budget crises to call for across-the-board privatization, entrusting unaccountable private companies with an ever greater share of the public good.

    Amy Traub: What Helps Us Hurts Us? The Tortured Logic on Denying Aid to New York

  • By now the stories of risky mortgages, underregulated banks and ludicrously complex investment instruments are familiar.

    Review of “Chasing Goldman Sachs,” by Suzanne McGee

  • Overleveraged and underregulated, the two companies were losing billions.

    Battling Fannie and Freddie: On the brink

  • Workers today labor in underregulated conditions for $9.25 an hour.28 Adjusted for inflation, $9.25 an hour is more than a third lower than what the Monfort family paid workers forty years ago.29

    Bad Sports

  • To scoot energy around the country, companies operate enough pipeline in the U.S. to circle the globe 100 times, and it's these aging, underregulated tubes that cause most problems, according to a new report I coauthored for the National Wildlife Federation.

    Pipeline Problems in Places Like Texas


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