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  • n. Plural form of underrun.


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  • It started fine but when I made a test call I was once again plagued by ALSA underruns.

    Fixing ALSA underrun erorrs associated with PulseAudio (and typically Skype) in Ubuntu | Netflow Developments

  • Without going into a lot of needless explanation, there's an acceptable percentage of possible overruns and underruns in our printer's contract, which usually errs on the side of overruns.


  • Out of one hundred and thirty-two trees which have been measured, not one underruns twenty-eight feet in circumference; five range between thirty-two and thirty-six feet; fifty-eight between forty and fifty feet; thirty-four between fifty and sixty; fourteen between sixty and seventy; thirteen between seventy and eighty; two between eighty and ninety; two between ninety and one hundred; two are just one hundred; and one is one hundred and two.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 13, No. 80, June, 1864

  • The prairie rolled in wide undulations as the sea does when the swell of a distant gale underruns a glassy calm.

    Masters of the Wheat-Lands

  • The moonlight turns the lower strata to silver without a stain except where our shadow underruns us.

    Actions and Reactions

  • It was a direct reversal of the ordinary effect in the ordinary theatre: where the play loses in realism because a current of necessarily recognized, but purposely ignored, antagonistic fact underruns the conventional illusion and compels us to perceive that the palace is but painted canvas, and (even on the largest stage) is only four or five times as high as the _Prince_.

    The Christmas Kalends of Provence And Some Other Provençal Festivals

  • What's New in This Release: [read full changelog] · Fixed underruns in alsarender on certain hardware

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • When the write to the sound hardware returns we have very little time to decode a frame before glitches start appearing in the audio due to buffer underruns.

    Bluish Coder

  • The norm in those programs was cost underruns, not overruns.

    Federal Times

  • When we enable special pool on specific drivers, any pool allocation requests they make are treated differently - by default we assume they could be overrunning their buffers (we can select to check for underruns instead if we believe this to be the case, but these are rare).

    TechNet Blogs


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