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  • v. To take insufficient samples when sampling


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under- +‎ sample


  • It tends to undersample those who are out and about, and has a particularly large effect in robopolls, where many respondents hang up when they're busy.

    Obama Closing On Hillary In Another National Poll

  • So did the previous poll oversample Dem/Dem leaners, does this one undersample them, or did party ID really change that much in fairly boring month?

    Poll: National Race Tightens; Majority Says Obama Flip-Flopped On Key Issues

  • This procedure will oversample people in areas of low population density and undersample people in areas of high population density by its very nature.

    The Lancet Study of Iraqi Deaths

  • October 31, 2004 at 11:43 AM actus, those Fox tracking polls severely undersample Republicans and men on Friday and Saturday.

    This is Priceless

  • Still a weekend poll, which tends to undersample Republicans / conservatives.

    Latest Articles

  • Since Ras fixes party weights, the undersample effect is miniscule.

    Latest Articles

  • A useful two-step approach is to first undersample a high density of markers to identify individuals with informative recombination breakpoints and then acquire additional sequences for these individuals.

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • In most instances, polls oversample Democrats and undersample Republicans.

    The Colorado Index

  • For example, if you were to undersample today’s data to emulate the 1930’s, and give them the same kind of error bars add noise to them, what would you get for today’s temperatures?

    1933 « Climate Audit

  • With all due respect to those studies, reading them I always think they either undersample the lesbian participants in the "Girls are this" conclusions, or else they simply toss disregard the results of those girls who do not conform to the majority, and are so few in number as not to skew the group results. ie/the "exception" to all those studies that girls learn passively, dislike competition and prefer cooperation, and prefer group activities over individual ones.

    Libertarian Blog Place


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