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  • n. The state of an unsaturated solution


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  • If ice cover retreated and the contact period with the atmosphere increased, this undersaturation would result in atmospheric CO2 uptake.

    Carbon cycle and climate change in the Arctic

  • From predictions of future atmospheric CO2 levels that the surface waters of the extra-tropics may well reach a level of undersaturation in the future.

    Coral growth and climate change

  • As CaCO3 undersaturation increases, CaCO3 shell-formers have to work against an increasingly strong gradient opposing the shell-forming process.

    Hansen and Schmidt: Predicting the Past? « Climate Audit

  • Organic matter remineralization and CaCO3 dissolution at depth they both happen at the same time, of course shifts the carbonate system toward undersaturation with respect to CaCO3.

    Hansen and Schmidt: Predicting the Past? « Climate Audit

  • Corals might be somewhat more resistant to closer-to-saturation or undersaturation waters than pteropods or foraminifera.

    Hansen and Schmidt: Predicting the Past? « Climate Audit

  • In our simulation of future ocean conditions, we find an undersaturation with respect to carbonate in the deep ocean that exceeds that experienced during the Palaeocene-Eocene thermal maximum and could endanger calcifying organisms.

    Naturejobs - All Jobs

  • Another thing about Argentina is that there´s a great undersaturation of intelligent organization here, which while often frustrating means there´s a great opportunity for smart people to come here and make something of it.

    King Lud IC

  • Science 326, Aragonite undersaturation in the Arctic Ocean: Effects of ocean acidification and sea ice melt

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science

  • Combined with the “we’ve moved on, why don’t you?” meme, they hope to provide a shell hopefully not a CaCO2 shell given the worry about future undersaturation and all that, within which they can maintain the story to the public that the science is agreed upon and people like Steve M are merely nipping at their heels.

    More O.B. Confidential « Climate Audit


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