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  • Shorts or briefs worn as an undergarment, especially those for a man; underpants.

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  • n. Underpants, type of underwear worn in skin contact with the hip portion of the body, small enough to be worn invisibly under shorts.


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under- +‎ shorts, by analogy with underpants, etc.


  • Some theater companies such as Mad Cat and venues such as the Miami Light Project, both in Miami, are featuring short plays and performances call undershorts - late-night short plays with edgy themes, Arthur said.

    South Florida - South Florida Recipes

  • Egan hummed his drunk hymn, a medley of “A Mighty Fortress” and “Amazing Grace,” as he dropped his undershorts and removed his shirt.


  • He pushed himself onto his knees, now noticing he was only in his undershorts.


  • Loosen up kid or you'll wind up on an aircraft somewhere with your undershorts all full of PMEX or Cemtex ready to blow your ass off for some inane idiology.

    Tom McIntyre Explains His Picks for our 2009 Hunting and Fishing Heroes and Villians Face-Off

  • Additionally, if you wear ankle length or close to it, skirts with undershorts and a good slip, you don't need stockings and will still look very respectable. all those mocking women who criticise and drag one down without realizing it are practicing in reality the imaginary judgements they assume the skirt wearer is making. they would do best to remember that "'Assume' makes an ass out of 'U' & 'me'"!!

    Modest Feminine Dress From the Pages of 1990 Victoria Magazine

  • I suspect one of the reasons why women labour under the misconception that it is impossible to work in a dress hinges upon the fact most dresses sold en mass are completely innappropriate to work in in the first place; short clinging skirts, uncomfortable tayloring, innappropriate fabric. a pair of good quality yet practical sandals, a hippie skirt, undershorts and a peasant blouse in natural fabric are very servicable.

    Modest Feminine Dress From the Pages of 1990 Victoria Magazine

  • These companies also make undershorts (knee length versions of the leggings) that I sometimes wear in spring.

    18th and 19th Century Country Women

  • Basketball undershorts that help players jump higher.

    Work Wear Hits Pay Dirt

  • President Obama had to leave his alleged birthplace of Hawaii to rush home to clean up the mess left by Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano, who said "the system worked" on Christmas Day when that kid put that smoke bomb in his undershorts and almost blew up an airplane.

    2010: A Look Back

  • And there's you in your undershorts, fists pumping in the air, awash in the glory of the coming of the traffic.

    Dave Pell: I'm a Web Analytics Junkie


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