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  • adj. Smaller than normal, undersized.
  • adj. Smaller than appropriate, expected or sufficient.
  • adj. Small enough to fit through a screen.

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  • adj. smaller than normal for its kind


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

under- +‎ size


  • She was sure the metal had distorted her image into the fun-house creature she saw staring back at her, that oversize girl in the undersize dress—a baby face, yes, but with eyes full of dark understanding.

    Slice Of Cherry

  • He denied that the commercial boats catch undersize fish.

    Anglers Are in Dire Straits Along Istanbul's Bosphorus

  • After [finding] that four of the five red drum [the anglers] had were undersize, [an officer] tried to get information ....

    Florida Child Turns In Adult Fishing Partners

  • Onboard research indicates extremely low rates of unintended catch, and almost all undersize swordfish are released alive because the fishermen actively watch for bites and quickly release "short" fish.

    Lee Crockett: Overfishing 101: Creative Ways to Protect Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

  • Grimm is undersize and perhaps a step slow to play in the secondary, but he has heard those knocks in the past and has always defied expectations.

    NFL draft: Virginia Tech's Cody Grimm

  • At 6 feet 1, Worilds was undersize even for a college defensive lineman, but he is a gifted athlete with pure strength and speed.

    NFL draft: Virginia Tech's Jason Worilds

  • "It's kind of like sculpting almost, except the piece is already in the block," he explained as he worked away, using a microscope and glasses with magnifying lenses, on the undersize head of an Ankylosaur, a small-brained, armored dinosaur about 25 feet long (even though this specimen was a relatively diminutive 15 feet) that lived in Mongolia about 70 million years ago.

    Living His Dinosaur Dream

  • Three decades ago, the author tells us, fish were abundant and many of them five feet long; Mr. Morrison sees fishermen making do with undersize 15-inchers.

    Longest River, Wide Adventure

  • Citi, the second largest bank by deposits after J.P. Morgan Chase in the metropolitan New York banking market, has an undersize share of New York's sizable jumbo mortgage business.

    Citi Says Home Loans 'a Top Priority'

  • This is the part of the game where we despair as Argentina's Maradona goes from undersize soccer genius to bloated, drug-addled misfit, suspended for a year for cocaine use and kicked out of the 1994 cup for using a banned substance -- only to show up in South Africa this month as the coach of his country's team.

    For the World Cup to win over Americans, soccer shouldn't hide its ugly side


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