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  • n. Plural form of underskirt.


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  • Caroline stripped me of warm underskirts and sleeves the moment we lost sight of Liverpool the day before, turning from respected elder and chaperone to violent bully as the door latched in our cabin.

    The wrecking of the 'Tayleur'

  • She is late to the church, hampered not by the 20 hooped underskirts comprising the bulk of her 700lb dress or the nappies designed – unsuccessfully – to stop the thing hurting her but by the tardy arrival of her tiara.

    TV review: My Big Fat Gypsy Christmas; Money; and Imagine: Books - the Last Chapter?

  • "Then, with a deep ten-ounce ladle, I pushed down in the center, and the tortilla came up around the bowl like the long dress and underskirts of a Victorian woman who had fallen, fully clothed, into a lake, her skirts billowing up around her heavy sinking body."

    Book review: 'Blood, Bones & Butter' delectable when chef Hamilton's in charge

  • And now that he considered it, the thinness of her gowns drew attention to her shocking lack of underskirts.

    Much Ado About Marriage

  • She would have an entire wardrobe devoted just to the underskirts he would buy her—and she would wear them.

    Much Ado About Marriage

  • She stared in wonder as the suit draped itself over the back of a chair, the blouse followed, and the appropriate underskirts, petticoats, and underthings followed it.

    red dust

  • Much faster than she had ever remembered undressing before, she shed her clothing down to the last stitch'shirtwaist, skirt, underskirts, stockings, corset-cover, corset, vest, drawers-all of them dropped from her body with a speed that was positively magical.

    red dust

  • By some miracle, the week before the wedding I found two matching white dresses with full skirts and lacy underskirts.

    Holly Robinson: The Bride Wore Red

  • We had given up our stockings and underskirts while we traveled up the Nile, but it would never have occurred to me to go any further, no matter how high the temperature rose.

    The Mistress of Nothing

  • Id love that in either a midnight blue or apple green with lots and lots of underskirts and a peep-toe platform pump/court dyed to match with some sort of sparkly adornment on the toe.

    See What I Mean? - A Dress A Day


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