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  • noun Plural form of understory.


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  • The gallery forest, or bosque, of cottonwood and willow with understories of coyote willow, New Mexico olive, false indigo, and seepwillow depended on this dynamic system.

    Ecoregions of New Mexico (EPA)

  • Fire suppression has transformed open stands of old-growth species such as ponderosa pine to dense stands with understories of small-diameter conifers.

    Beyond Old Growth~ Chapter 5

  • Forest communities often support more than 30 canopy tree species at a single site, and rich understories of ferns, fungi, perennial and annual herbaceous plants, shrubs, small trees, and diverse animal communities.

    Appalachian mixed mesophytic forests

  • The vegetation of the Gambia is of the savanna type with shrub and grass understories.

    Water profile of Gambia

  • Higher elevation forests towards the east have yellow birch, mountain maple, sugar maple, beech, and eastern hemlock with extensive understories of mountain laurel (Kalmia latifolia) and rhododendron (Rhododendron spp.).

    Appalachian mixed mesophytic forests

  • For example, old-growth ponderosa pine on dry sites is characterized by relatively open understories that were maintained historically by relatively frequent low to moderate intensity fires at intervals of less than 20 years.

    Beyond Old Growth~ Chapter 5

  • In fact, this ecoregion is part of a mosaic of vegetation types that grade from long-leaf pine forests (or sandhill communities), to pine savannas, flatwood habitats (pine forests with woody understories), and xeric hardwood communities.

    Southeastern conifer forests

  • Old growth in wetter forest types, such as western hemlock and Sitka spruce near the coast, typically has large accumulations of live and dead wood in the understories and experiences stand-replacing disturbances at intervals of one to several centuries.

    Beyond Old Growth~ Chapter 5

  • Typically, canopy height varies from 5 meters (m) to 15 m, and understories are dominated by tall grass species (especially Sorghum, Heteropogon, Themeda, Chrysopogon, Aristida, and Eriachne spp.).

    Victoria Plains tropical savanna

  • Virtually all native bunchgrass communities have been replaced by annual grassland understories in woodland areas.

    California interior chaparral and woodlands


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