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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of undersupply.


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  • Just because an economy is booming doesn’t mean housing should be undersupplied, which is the only reason to expect abnormal appreciation (it looks like 5% or so is normal, and they blew through that).

    Matthew Yglesias » What Would a Property Bubble in China Look Like?

  • The market is expected to remain "undersupplied," he said. -- Top News

  • McBride's complaint is based on a false premise: that we're drastically undersupplied with books about boys.

    How Come They Can’t Find Any Boy Books?

  • But all the evidence available points to the clear conclusion that various public-policy-based distortions have led to the submarket for sprawl-type residential units being radically oversupplied, and the submarkets for many other types of units being undersupplied.

    Matthew Yglesias » All Planning is Planning

  • The generally higher prices of high-density housing compared to low-density housing are not evidence that high-density housing is undersupplied.

    Matthew Yglesias » All Planning is Planning

  • If there are only a few key stages in the large process that get undersupplied by either peer or market mechanisms, might it turn out that charitable or nonprofit resources insufficient to maintain a whole journalistic enterprise are nevertheless sufficient to make the problematic function viable?

    Thin-Slicing Journalism

  • The claim that something — whether housing or health care — is an undersupplied social good is commonly used to justify government intervention, and policy makers have long striven to make housing more affordable.

    How American Health Care Killed My Father

  • His regiment was understrength, scattered, and undersupplied, but Washington responded quickly whenever his new superiors needed anything.

    George Washington’s First War

  • Virginia blundered into a war, and Washington and his men—undersupplied, underpaid, understrength—suffered for the ignorance and arrogance of their leaders.

    George Washington’s First War

  • Standard economic story: information is a public good, undersupplied without a property right to make exclusion easier and create incentives to produce.

    Archive 2009-02-01


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