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  • adj. Not having adequate training.


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under- +‎ trained.


  • During the day, his untrained or undertrained staff ran the clinic and practiced medicine there, authorities said.

    Horrific Abortion Clinic Accused Of Leaving Women Near Death

  • But diplomatic cables and human rights reports paint a consistent picture of an institution undertrained in modern police work and almost systemically abusive to the people they were meant to protect.

    Egyptian police try to recover from reputation for brutality

  • IG report: Unemployment office workers undertrained Examiner

    DeMorning DeBonis: Feb. 18, 2011

  • There is little question that the average American high school graduate is poorly skilled, a victim of social promotion, overworked and undertrained teachers, politicized state testing norms, and, I strongly suspect, parents who insist on feel-good classes and easy grades.

    Van Gosse: A Modest Proposal (to Help Fix American Education)

  • A 2008 government audit described Nigeria's 371,000 police officers as "a very large number of unqualified, undertrained and ill-equipped officers—in sum an undesirable work force."

    New Attacks Threaten Nigeria's Future

  • Then there's the whole care system that gets a persistently bad press, and social workers so often underpaid, undertrained and overworked who are habitually pilloried.

    Adoption parties: Are they a solution to the adoption crisis?

  • Of course, the FDLR is hardly the only actor driving the violence in Congo, where other armed groups — including the underpaid, undertrained Congolese army — are widely seen as constant threats to defenseless villagers.

    Coming Home to Rwanda

  • Lax border control, violent drug runners, and a woeful prison system overburden the corrupt and undertrained police, and riots in April over food prices toppled the prime minister.

    Quick Study

  • Worse, the copy-desk function is being cut back or eliminated, so the writing of undertrained contributors isn't even getting the scrutiny formerly provided to the veteran staffers.

    Big Media's Latest Mistake

  • The privatisation of council jobs, the NHS, Police work, Army work, Navy work, will cut jobs and and wages paid to undertrained personel paid at 65% of original workers.

    Cameron's cuts: There are alternatives | Editorial


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