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  • verb To treat insufficiently or not frequently enough.


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under- +‎ treat


  • "We want patients to get the right treatment for them, and we are worried that [UnitedHealth's approach] could incentivize physicians to undertreat," says Kent Lieginger, senior vice president of managed care at Roche Holding AG's Genentech, a biotech company that makes cancer medicines.

    In Treating Cancer, Insurer Tries New Way to Pay Docs

  • "The danger of overtreating is low, especially in an environment where we dangerously undertreat risk factors," Stein said.

    Small Scanners Find Hidden Heart Disease | Impact Lab

  • The mistaken belief that pain relief will have the side effect of hastening death may have the unfortunate effect of leading physicians, patients, and the patients 'families to undertreat pain because they are apprehensive about causing this alleged side effect.

    Doctrine of Double Effect

  • However, it is no more proper to undertreat than to overtreat conditions that can be diagnosed early in childhood, particularly when treatment can reduce or prevent ingrained psychological impairments in older children and in adults.

    Reviewing The New Spain

  • "" This system grabbed hold in the marketplace before people understood the powerful incentive to undertreat, '' says Bryant Welch, a former director of the American Psychological Association, now an attorney filing suits over inadequate care.

    Follow The Money

  • Your doctors apparently not only undertreat or mistreat a lot of their patients, but when people question their authority, then they see them as a psychiatric case?

    And then there were none... (the final specialist visit)

  • Pain management is a tricky issue in medicine and yes, these kinds of incidents may make some physicians undertreat pain, a tendency they have anyway.

    Firedoglake » Patrick Kennedy, Rush Limbaugh and the Right Wing Cop-Out

  • But public health care system wants to undertreat, assuming it is a homogenous organization, as there is no clear profit for the system.

    Doctor Resigns From Hospital Because She Won’t Do Unneeded C-Sections

  • When health care providers see the normal changes of menopause as a deficiency state or a disease requiring medication, they may either overtreat or undertreat women.


  • So early was to begin my tendency to OVERTREAT, rather than undertreat (when there was choice or danger) my subject.

    The Portrait of a Lady


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