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  • Not destined.


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  • Wrath enabled me to survive the soft siren temptations of invisibility; anger made me determined, after I was released from vanishment in the shadow of a Friday Mosque, to 'begin, from that moment forth, to choose my own, undestined future.'

    G. Roger Denson: The Beauty We Fear: The Mosques of Secular Muslim Writers

  • What a different life the undestined child would have if we applied ourselves to helping him or her be the child who can know and articulate a life mission.

    The Wonder of Children

  • "A cold and fatherless, forsaken thing that wandered on forlorn, undestined, unaccompanied, unupheld"; and the mistress had a secret fear that if the child should stumble among the long words and ask for help, she might not be able to give it without consideration.

    Allison Bain, or, By a Way she knew not

  • Honoria and George, himself and Lizzie Pezzack as figures travelling on a road that stretched back to childhood; saw behind them the anxious eyes of his parents, Sir Harry's debonair smile, the sinister face of old Squire Moyle, malevolent yet terribly afraid; saw that the moving figures could not control their steps, that the watching faces were impotent to warn; saw finally beside the road other ways branching to left and right, and down these undestined and neglected avenues the ghosts of ambitions unattempted, lives not lived, all that might have been.

    The Ship of Stars


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