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  • Not deflected from its path: said of a beam of light.


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  • She had been associated with Ezra for so many years, and had met such undeviated want of courtesy from him, that the idea of his presenting himself as a suitor never came into her head.

    The Firm of Girdlestone

  • However, when the light waves encounter the boundary in a Senarmont prism (see Figure 5 (d)), the orientation of the optical axis in the second half of the prism allows the extraordinary ray to pass through undeviated, but refracts the ordinary wave.


  • This causes the light to be split into ordinary and extraordinary components, with the ordinary wave passing through undeviated and the extraordinary wave being refracted away from the perpendicular.


  • Depending upon the entrance angle for a light beam, prisms can refract light or allow it to enter undeviated and undergo total internal reflection, provided the refractive index is sufficient and internal prism angles have the proper geometry.


  • - When direct or undeviated light from a specimen is projected by the objective, it is spread evenly across the entire image plane at the diaphragm of the eyepiece.



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