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  • adj. Not disrupted; free of disruption


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ disrupted


  • If we're serious about incorporating conflicts into game stories effectively & perhaps elevating their impact and complexity to levels unattainable in novels or film, we may need to begin reevaluating established notions of what constitutes challenge for the purpose of creating undisrupted flow in our narratives.

    Conflict, Resolution

  • But many services went on undisrupted: mail delivery, Social Security and Medicare payments, law enforcement, air-traffic control.

    Budget Showdown Redux

  • American preoccupations have centered on securing support for its four principal objectives: prosecuting its 'anti-terrorism' campaign; avoiding rifts with Israeli; maximizing pressure on Iran; and securing undisrupted access to the region's oil.

    Michael Brenner: America's Middle East Future

  • "The public should get undisrupted high quality services," he added.

    Mark Thompson: I will give up my BBC pension top-ups

  • Like much about the potential shutdown, it isn't yet clear if federal email will continue undisrupted; most government websites won't continue operating.

    Federal Workers Brace for Email Withdrawal

  • Yet, how many classrooms can possibly be sources of undisrupted learning these days when 42 percent of students admit to using smartphones for personal reasons during class time.

    Douglas Forbes: Downward Mobility: Tech Toys and Society

  • If he succeeds, the daily life of billions around the world will continue undisrupted.

    The Solar 'Katrina' Storm That Could Take Our Power Grid Out For Years

  • And, without a doubt, an individual animal has no right to an undisrupted life.

    mjh's blog — 2008 — December

  • Without slates, their undisrupted necks look romantically long.


  • If you want to make the case that someone in Mississippi, with no relatives lost in the carnage, and their life relatively undisrupted was affected to the same extent as families who lost individuals, and all the people who live and work in this area, go ahead, but it's a specious comparison, and you look like an idiot for making it.

    McCain In 2004: "Bin Laden May Have Just Given Us A Little Boost"


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