undistinguishably love



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  • adv. In a way that cannot be distinguished.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Indistinguishably.


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undistinguishable +‎ -ly


  • If the gay Dumbledore acts is in everyway undistinguishably from a straight Dumbledore, in what sense is he gay?

    Dead Fictional British Pagan from Another World Sets Wingnuts Frothing (Yay, Rowling!) « Lean Left

  • Thus in the spermatic unity all the human members are present undistinguishably; there is no separation of head and hand: their distinct existence begins in the life here, whose content is image, not Authentic Existence.

    The Six Enneads.

  • As an act — and one whose very being is an act — it must be undistinguishably identical with its act: but Being and the

    The Six Enneads.

  • Knowing God and His power, then, it knows itself, since it comes from Him and carries His power upon it; if, because here the act of vision is identical with the object, it is unable to see God clearly, then all the more, by the equation of seeing and seen, we are driven back upon that self-seeing and self-knowing in which seeing and thing seen are undistinguishably one thing.

    The Six Enneads.

  • For it seemed flatly impossible that different people should look exactly and undistinguishably alike.

    The Danish History, Books I-IX

  • She sat without candle in the twilight, with the window wide open toward the river; the sense of oppressive heat adding itself undistinguishably to the burthen of her lot.

    IV. Maggie and Lucy. Book VII—The Final Rescue

  • Human beings are not like sheep; and even sheep are not undistinguishably alike.

    Chapter III. On Individuality, As One of the Elements of Wellbeing

  • It spoke the English, but not in the manner of the inhabitants of London, who seem to sing undistinguishably in their talking, although they are comprehensible to each other.

    The Beautiful Lady

  • When a man looks back on his past existence, and endeavours to recall the incidents, events, thoughts, feelings, and passions of which it was composed, he sees something like a glimmering land of dreams, peopled with phantasms and realities undistinguishably confused and intermingled -- here illuminated with dazzling splendour, there dim with melancholy mists, -- or it may be shrouded in impenetrable darkness.

    Famous Reviews

  • The Swedish language ceased to be spoken; the people became undistinguishably absorbed in the swiftly multiplying population about them.

    A History of American Christianity


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