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  • adv. In an undivided manner.

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  • Without division or separation; unbrokenly.


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undivided +‎ -ly


  • Charlotte are what he hasn't really -- or what you may call undividedly -- had. "

    The Golden Bowl — Complete

  •  Where Presbyterianism prevailed “undividedly,” he noted, their “ambition and tyranny would tolerate no rival” and they succumbed to a “fever of fanaticism.”

    Learning to Live With Radical Presbyterians

  • Memories and hopes appear to cheat him of the happiness of being undividedly present. they rob him of his present and drag him into times that no longer exist or do not yet exist.

    Imaginary People

  • Walter Sisulu stood and still stands for the undying spirit of our movement and our young democracy, which he undividedly helped to build and defend.

    North West Provincial Government statement on the death of struggle veteran Walter Sisulu

  • Once started from this point — once encouraged to let his love for Allan influence him undividedly again, his mind hurried along the whole resulting chain of thought at lightning speed.


  • That they are ostensibly equal shares with him in the management is no advantage, but a considerable set-off against any good which they are capable of doing: it weakens greatly the sense in his own mind, and in those of other people, of that individual responsibility in which he should stand forth personally and undividedly.

    Representative Government

  • The Councils should be consultative merely, in this sense, that the ultimate decision should rest undividedly with the minister himself: but neither ought they to be looked upon, or to look upon themselves, as ciphers, or as capable of being reduced to such at his pleasure.

    Representative Government

  • In those of the first sort, both the working and the work do in common and undividedly belong unto and proceed from each person.


  • God, as the prima Veritas, upon whose authority is founded, and whereunto all divine faith is ultimately resolved, is not to be considered hupostatikōs, as peculiarly expressive of any person, but oudiōdōs, comprehending the whole Deity; which undividedly is the prime object thereof.

    Of Communion with God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost

  • Then [by the nature of body] the many souls could result only from the splitting up of that entity, each an entirely different substance: if this body-soul be uniform in kind, each of the resultant souls must be of the one kind; they will all carry the one Form undividedly and will differ only in their volumes.

    The Six Enneads.


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